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Welcome to the imPulse Guild Website.

If your looking to join us your in the right place, simply sign up to the website and post an application using our application template located on the forum.
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BWD & Bastion of Twilight Progression Update

Sheriden, Jan 4, 11 10:55 AM.
After all celebrating a Happy New Year (wooo 2011!), we headed back into BWD and managed to take down the Omnitron Defence System after a few wipes! What a great fight :) Having taken it down so quickly, we had plenty of time to head over to Bastion of Twilight to take down the first boss, Halfus Wyrmbreaker. We actually one-shot him, but it was still a fun fight. It'll be fun trying all the possible combinations! Great job guys.

p.s We are RECRUITING, so please contact us if you are interested :)

Blackwing Decent Progression Update

Sheriden, Dec 31, 10 11:28 AM.
This week we headed into BWD for another go at Magmaw on 10man, and managed to take him down after a few tries. Great job guys, and congrats to the loot winners.

Happy Christmas

Sheriden, Dec 24, 10 9:40 AM.

Have a great time all, and keep safe! 

New Website

Sheriden, Dec 22, 10 2:13 PM.
Website Work

I've been working together with Fresca on getting this new site up and running as nicely as possible. If you find any bugs, errors or want to help us with design opinions/appreciations please post here. Thanks!

imPulse Rebuilds

Frescaxo, Dec 21, 10 7:05 PM.
Cataclysm Rebuild

Hey all and welcome back to imPulse. As most of you now know we are rebuilding the guild in early Cataclysm. We have all tried finding the same thing we did in impulse else where, but to no avail. imPulse was and is a rare breed on WoW. We are friendly, fun, and we don't take things so seriously, but at the same time always aim to do well in the game.

Currently we're sorting out setting up our core 10man group, but from there is yet to be decided. Do we build up for 25mans, or do we go 10man crazy and setup multiple 10man raiding groups (each with its own assigned raid leader). 

Theres also PVP rated battlegrounds to consider, so a PVP section/group will probably be formed too!

For now we're focusing on recruitment, so if you know any decent people/players be sure to direct them to an officer asap.
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